Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Incitement is a One Way Road

Ever since Yitzchak Rabin was assasinated, Israeli society has been hyperalert for any signs of "incitement". I still remember the story of the man who was arrested only weeks after Rabin was killed for incitement. He was standing in line in the bank and the teller called out "Who's next?" "Peres!" he answered and then the cops came.
However, in a true reflection of secular liberal hypocrisy, incitement no longer means what the dictionary says it does. One would think that the term refers to any attempt to incite violence against a member or segment of society. This seems to only be partially true. Especially in Israel, where half the society, the one with the right wing views, is considered automatically illegitimate by the more politically correct left half. One can incite against the left simply by criticizing their beliefs. However, it is virtually impossible to incite against the right. As this article notes:
Barak said during Saturday evening's memorial service, "We used to call them weeds, today they are no less than cancerous growths…There was writing on the wall then that we weren’t wise enough to see.
"This is not just writing on the wall, this is a sharp undermining of democracy, the rule of law, the IDF, police and all the authorities serving a normal society. We promise you Yitzhak, we will remove this evil from us."
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said at the start of the cabinet meeting, "I would like to hope that the public atmosphere that led to the assassination of an acting prime minister in Israel has changed, but I cannot be sure that is the case.
"I'm uncertain that the incitement has stopped, I'm uncertain that the situation has changed, and that the attempt to delegitimize a political line which does not match the government's opinion has changed.
"This is an issue for national self-examination and we have to ask ourselves if we have done everything we can to prevent a similar murder."

Get it? You can call right wingers cancer. You can slander the pioneers of Yesha. But mention anything negative about Yitchak Rabin and you face jail time because Olmert wants to prevent "a similar murder".
A sharp underminig of democracy? Barak is incorrect and trying to deflect the truth from himself. The delegimizing of an entire part of society, one that is the most patriotic and supportive of the State, because their views are anathema to the self-hating post-Zionist left is the true undermining of democracy. I'm suprised he didn't call for the pioneers to be denied the right to vote in the next election. He could always justify it, of course, as necessary to prevent "a similar murder".

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