Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Confronting With Confidence

Many people are worried about Barack Obama's recent negative overtures to Israel and a dispassionate viewer of the news must admit that there is much to be concerned with. While Obama travels the world and apologizes for American's imagined misdeeds and begs for friendship on every continent he can find, when it comes to Israel there is no conciliation. To the Muslim world it is "We want you to love us, we're so sorry for what you say we've done to you, please be our friend!" To the Europeans it's "We want you to love us, it's wrong for us to impose our agenda on you, please be our friend!" But to Israel it's "Shut up, accept our agenda and don't complain!"
Fortunately, not all Israelis have fallen into the trap of thinking that Israel is a helpless recipient of American aid and therefore at its mercy should the Yanks tighten the screws in their pursuit of creating a terrorist 23rd Arab state in the heart of our land:
Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, a prominent Religious Zionism leader, called on Israel on Wednesday to conduct "tough negotiations" with the US on the issue, and added that "yielding to pressure only breeds more pressure."
He said that Israel must deal with the Americans like Mordechai dealt with Haman, when he refused to bow down to him.

In addition to tough talk, Rav Aviner notes that American aid isn't sent across the world because of any altruistic purpose:
Beit El's rabbi admitted Israel relies on the US for its security needs, but pointed out that the Americans were not motivated by "love and charity" but rather by a desire to preserve their interests in the region. "When there are common interests there is tough negotiation," he said.
People often forget that while Israel may receive financial help from the U.S., America more than recoups its invents with what Israel provides. Listening stations, a safe port for the Sixth Fleet, strategic information are all things Israel is able to reliably give the U.S. and something no Arab state can offer. It's been well known for years that in order to replace what Israel now provides America would cost billions of dollars.
All this is on top of the billions of dollars of American investment in the country made possible by the educated workforce.
One thing that is constant about Americans is that they love negotiations. Another is that they love to win. Israel presenting itself as a weak opponent will only encourage the Obamanation to push harder in his calls for Israel's suicide. America has what to lose if it betrays Israel and it's time the Israelis reminded America of this.

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