Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Would Your Shul Give Them An Aliyah

The Neutrei Karta are well known for their idiotic stunts which they perform in the name of what they think is Torah Judaism.  Whether it's meeting and giving succour to Israel's enemies, participating in Holocaust denials, or just the usual burning of Israeli flags, it's clear this is a community of mentally unstable individuals whose hatred for their fellow Jews has consumed their rationality and turned them into bekisher-wearing primitives.  Certainly any group that prefers Nazi imagery to Israeli symbols is in urgent need of injectable anti-psychotics.
And yet they are still called ultra-Orthodox.  They are still perceived as fiercely, even violently religious and their barbarities excused as excesses due to their great passion for God and Torah.
This is false.
We are quick to condemn Rabbi Avi Weiss when he appoints a woman as a "rabbah".  What a threat to Judaism that is!  Are he and his group really still Orthodox?  A shande.  But when Neturei Karta authorities come out with this beauty...
One of the organizers of the ceremony in Jerusalem told Ynet, "We must keep in mind that Amalek's goal was to make the people of Israel sin and not necessarily kill them. Therefore, the true Amalek is Zionism and the State of Israel."

A few days before Purim Ynet reported that Neturei Karta had distributed flyers asserting that Nazi costumes and accessories are preferable to any costume which includes Zionist elements.
...then we must come out and ask the same question: Is this Orthodoxy? 
I am going to give my answer clearly: No, these people are not Orthodox.  Frankly, I don't know if they're even Jewish anymore, no matter how kosher their meat and how perfect their Torah scrolls.  They have placed themselves as enemies of the Jewish people because the other 99.9% of us don't see things their way and have used violence and treason to accomplish their goals.  They cannot be considered part of klal Yisrael.  If one of them shows up in shul, is it appropriate to give them an aliyah?  Even count them to the minyan?
I would say that if we're kicking anyone out of Orthodoxy, it should be them.


Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Can't we just come out and say, "is this anything new???"

Or relegate this to the tiresome dox-vs-prax discussion (they may be Orthoprax but their 'dox - along with their ahavas Yisrael - needs work).

We know this already. I'm not saying it doesn't need to be said, but they don't claim to represent you or me, so why is this our problem?

(okay, they claim to represent Hashem and His Torah, but so do some of those fringey African-American groups as well)

They are not my spokespeople, and I believe most Jews would agree. Why do folks like Ynet insist on picking this up as "news"???

Because the fact that most of us are getting along just fine makes for a pretty dull headline, is my guess.

And now, back to lurking!

Garnel Ironheart said...

> so why is this our problem?

You're correct, of course. It's just that while this blog is generally devoted to insightful divrei Torah and deep political analysis of current events, I also sometimes like to rant.

David said...

"it's clear this is a community of mentally unstable individuals whose hatred for their fellow Jews has consumed their rationality and turned them into bekisher-wearing primitives."

They're the Westboro Baptist Church of Judaism. The only thing they have to their credit, is that they have managed to get pretty much everyone from the Satmars to the Reform to agree that they should be excluded from the fold. Beyond that, I think that, between us, we have just given them far more attention than they deserve. They're inbred loony-tunes, and arguing with them or "kicking them out" is tantamount to taking them far more seriously than is warranted. Shrug, shake your head, and move on to the next issue.

Shalmo said...

Why is JP (Jewish Philosopher) still on your blog role Garnel?

He is just as anti-zionist, if not more so, than Neutrai Keutai or any other orthodox organization still loyal to the Three Oaths.

He's also made it quite clear reform, conservative, modern orthodox and pretty much any non-ultraorthodox jewish expression is herectical and something "you go to ETERNAL Hell for" !

Proud MO said...

Neturei Karta was put in cheirim by pretty much everyone. Nobody thinks of them as frum Jews. Last year, there was a fire in their shul in Monsey, and people celebrated in the street watching it burn.