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Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Monday, 24 May 2010

Hoisted On His Own Petard

Rahm Emmanuel has proven to be one of BH Obama's more effective court Jews in the last year.  Even as Obama worked to aliented, humiliate and isolate Israel while showing care and concern for some of its (and America's) most bitter enemies, Emmanuel was always there backing up his boss, providing him with a Jewish figleaf to divert justified calls of Jew-hater against him. 
Now, however, it seems that Emmanuel has been caught by his own strategy which would be completely delightful if it didn't mean his 13 year son and nephew didn't have to suffer the consequences of his political amibition:
“This memorial break, I am taking my son, my nephew Noah with Ari my brother, so they can have their bar mitzva in Israel,” Emanuel boasted in the November 10 speech, winning cheers from the crowd. “Not to add humor to this moment, but that’s cheap applause. I’ll take an $18 check on behalf of him if you like. That’s obviously illegal as a public servant. That was a joke.”
But as the bar mitzva date approaches, the White House, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Foreign Ministry have declined to give any details whatsoever about the event. A White House representative said Emanuel’s visit to Israel was “a private trip” and diplomatic officials in Jerusalem said they also didn’t provide details when National Security Council official Dennis Ross came for his son’s wedding.
The lack of information has led to speculation in the Hebrew press, with Haaretz reporting incorrectly that Emanuel would arrive in Israel this week and Ma’ariv suggesting that he had moved the bar mitzva away from the Western Wall, either because of threats from right-wingers or because the Obama administration considered the wall in the territory of a future Palestinian capital.
Neither Western Wall Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitz nor Rabbi Jay Karzen, who has conducted more than 2,000 bar mitzvas at the site, was contacted by Emanuel’s family or his office.
“We would have known about it if they inquired about it, so I don’t think they canceled a bar mitzva at the Wall or planned one,” Rabinovitz’s spokesman said.
But an official close to the Emanuel family insisted that the bar mitzva would indeed take place at the Western Wall, while another family friend hinted it was scheduled for Saturday, May 29.
Rahm Emanuel’s father, the Jerusalem-born Benjamin M. Emanuel, reached at his home in the Chicago suburb of Wilmette, told The Jerusalem Post that he “cannot make any statement” about the bar mitzva
BH Obama has made it clear that he intends to one day force Israel, if he can, to cede all the land Israel took in the 1967 war to the Arab enemy so they can create another terrorist state to complement the one Ariel Sharon helped build in 'Aza.  If Emmanuel had a problem with this, we have not heard it from him. 
The man's arrogance is breathtaking.  He intends to hold his son's bar mitzvah at the Kotel that he intends to give to Israel's enemies once he's done using it as a photo prop for the occasion.  How can anyone suffer this kind of an attitude?  Well, BH Obama can I guess.


Shalmo said...

Here is the pivotal lecture on settling the Israeli conflict:

Israel could end this entire mess by returning East Jerusalem to the Palestinians and by stopping the blockade into Gaza.

OR if they do not wish to return East Jerusalem, then they should reasonably offer something else in its place. This would lead to a healthy two-state solution. But they don't do that, and so the conflict continues!

The dream of a jewish-state is a farce, a one-state of jewish/arab identity would end the entire stalemate permenently. But for now I am willing to aim for a two-state solution, so long as eventually a one-state solution is the end result.

Shalmo said...

>>> Humanitarian Flotilla Vs Evil Navy

Haaretz reports today that Israel will attempt to block the humanitarian Freedom Flotilla heading toward Gaza. However, according to the Israeli paper, the humanitarian cargo would then be unloaded, inspected and sent to Gaza overland via the United Nations.
Typical for Israel, it tries to win a lost battle. On the one hand, by stopping the flotilla Israel attempts to maintain its regional status as an omnipotent super power that controls the land, the air and the sea. On the other hand, the Jewish state pathetically also wants to evoke sympathy for being ‘sensitive’ to humanitarian issues and the Palestinian plight.

The Israeli government fails to gather that the tide has changed. We see through them. We all know what the Jewish state stands for. We all know about the devastation in Gaza, we know about the siege, the destruction and the crimes against humanity. We all watch the Israeli separation wall cutting through Palestinian family's houses and olive orchards. We also follow the racist ethnic cleansing in East Jerusalem. The Israelis better save us from their spins and manipulations.

In case the Israelis still fail to see it, they are dealing this time with an international flotilla that is sailing under Turkish and Greek flags, a fleet that carries 800 enthusiast activists from all over the world. The Israelis are dealing with peace lovers who are determined to break through the siege and deliver medical aid, cement, paper and food. On the deck we have 35 European parliamentarians who must have decided to say NO to Zionist fund raisers. This flotilla is a clear signal to Israel that the game is over. Israel is now all but officially isolated. All that is left for Israel is to come to terms with its true nature: a shameless racist, murderous and terrorist state.

Militarily and politically Israel locked itself into a limbo. For the Israelis it is a “no win situation. The Israelis may have the military means to stop the flotilla from accomplishing its humanitarian mission. The Israeli Navy can easily block the flotilla's way, it can also impose an electronic blackout around the ships, such an act may lead to the loss of communication with the humanitarian mission. Israel would then have to act militarily.

Yet, taking control over 8 ships and 800 activists armed with relentless will and backed by many cameras is not going to serve the Israeli interest. If Israel dare use force, this will backfire. We also have to bear in mind that this time the Turkish Government is closely monitoring the situation and openly supporting the mission. Israeli aggression at sea could lead to an evolving incident with some unpredictable consequences. Israel better give up on any attempt to stop the flotilla.

On a further note, the Israeli Government and the Israeli people better start to come to terms with the fact that the game is soon to be over. The Zionist project and the Israeli state is in a state of moral bankruptcy. From that perspective the flotilla is not just a humanitarian mission, it is actually a reminder for all of us of the true meaning of humanism.

And this is coming from an Israeli:

- and please now bring on the self hating jew / antisemetism card; the same card the haredi are now using against more modern jews


SJ said...

ROFL Garnel enjoy more of Sham-o because I magically made Sham-o disappear from my blog. XD

Anonymous said...

shalmo and norman 'final solution' finkelstein await a judenrein solution to the palestine question...
doubtless the ribbono shel olam will have otehr ideas....

Shalmo said...

Nonsense Finkelstein's own family were massacred in the Holocaust. This canard that the ADL spreads, particularly with Abraham Foxman calling him a Holocaust denier is just another desperate smear tactic designed to avoid the arguments.

Shalmo said...

More to the point:

The very important question here is now raised in the above video, of whether or not Israel has officially become a lunatic state, holding all the middle-east and Iran hostage by tip of its nukes.

After the Flotilla incident nobody is going to take the Israeli apologists seriously anymore. As Gilad Atzman points out, Israel is getting more lunatic precisely because its realizes its time is numbered. Hitler, after realizing the German were going to lose started mass exterminating Jews are quickly as possible to take down as many as it could with them, and it seems Israel has now reached that same breaking point.