Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Inconsistency = Idiocy

Hatred, Chazal tell us, disturbs the natural order.  Hatred will cause a person to champion causes he rationally would never support in order to press his agenda against his enemy.  An excellent example is the group Queers Against Israeli Apartheid who recently marched in Toronto's Pride Parade with a vehemently anti-Israel float.  Never mind that Israel is the only country in the region where they can express their lifestyle choice without fear of repression, when they can be openly gay and still members of society while the people they were showing support for would kill them if given half the chance.  They hate Jews and Israel and they'll support potential Jew killers if if those thugs would turn on them too.
Another far more worrisome example is the Israeli left.  Within Israel they stand for equal rights for all citizens, an end to any discrimination and the removal of religion - well maybe just Judaism - from the public domain in order to create an enlightened secular state to the benefit of all its citizens.  And their vision for the Arabs living in Yehudah, Shomron, and 'Aza? 
Well that would be a desire for the establishment of state in which citizenship, residency rights and even right of entry would be restriced based on ethnic (Arab) and religious (no Jews allowed) grounds.  That state would be run pretty much according to religious law with secuarlism banished from sight.  Women would be permanent second class citizens and homosexuals would be able to express their choices under pain of execution.
Pretty much the opposite of what they believe Israel should exemplify.  As this article from Ynet notes, even some in the so-called peace (better termed national suicide) camp have started to pick up on this inconsistency:
A leftist protest was being held in Sheikh Jarrah, and as it turned out I was invited too. A friend of a friend even sent a Facebook invitation. Among the many exclamation marks, I couldn’t help but notice a very certain demand presented to participants – or more accurately, female participants: “When choosing your attire for the protest, please take cultural differences into account.” Amazing, isn’t it?

As one who spent most of his years among the religious sector, I’ve been equipped with top-notch detectors aimed at spotting authoritative chauvinism dressed up as “modesty.” These detectors are mostly focused on close attention to the term “cultural differences.”
I will translate this term to simple language for those who have trouble doing it themselves. Protest organizers asked female participants to cover themselves up, as is customary in chauvinistic societies. The society on whose behalf they fight oppresses women and is hierarchical and violent. It’s a society that views women as an object that belongs to men, and sees honor killings of women as a technological zenith.
As noted, since women are objects that belong to men, they are faced with constraints. The dress code is one of them, and it is being referred to as “cultural differences.”
Members of the liberal leftist camp do not even imagine that something is wrong here. They do not see the great dissonance between their desire to put their lives on the line to fight Jews from moving into Sheikh Jarrah, coupled with their silence in the face of the murder of women and persecution of homosexuals. The opposite is true – they happen to easily go with the flow in respect to the “modesty” rules and the oppression.
The abovementioned example is not only limited to the well-renowned leftist hypocrisy. The members of various religions, cults, and ideologies sometimes firmly act against their own ideals. And so, the enlightened and equality-loving Left validates Arab society’s chauvinistic patriarchy towards women. This is precisely how some haredim violate the “do not do unto others” decree when they order thousands of their followers to publicly humiliate Sephardic girls.
So why is this happening? Because such “ideologists” do not have a worthy purpose. And living without purpose can be very difficult – just ask Viktor Frankl. The ideals which these ideologies boast of cannot fill the human void that seeks meaning. The values of humanism and democracy for some leftists or the Torah for some haredim cannot provide purpose, despite the bombastic pretensions. So they invent something.
At the end of the day, all these groups come together for some fascinating study sessions with riot police. These police forces, which as we know make up the academic elite of the humanities, are required to provide a purpose for the life of the abovementioned miserable souls; to make the unbearable lightness of being go away with their bats; to provide therapy via tear gas; to grant meaningful blows to the lives of these listless protestors.
The same people who scream about letting women become rabbis and how "archaic" Torah Judaism is will opine about the nobility and relevance of Islam and demand respect for the cultural eccentricities such as the niqab or the burka
These people are not simply inconsistent.  They are full of hatred, one which leads them to ally themselves with their worst enemies in order to destroy their perceived one.  They are not people that can be reasoned with any more than Neturei karta thugs and deserve to be treated with the same disdain and disgust.  Perhaps at some point they'll recognize the error of their thinking, but that's not where the smart money is.


Bartley Kulp said...

This is reverse racism. For instance brown skin people who parade in military fatigue with head coverings to obscure their face while railing against Jews, homosexuals and infidel are just seen as militant freedom fighters. White people who would do similar are considered racist bigots. None of these lefties give these extremists the bigot label.

You lost me though with the Emanuel case. This is not axiomatic to the subject of left wing hypocrisy.

SJ said...

>> They are full of hatred, one which leads them to ally themselves with their worst enemies in order to destroy their perceived one.

Comeon Garnel everyone knows that If the haredim become the majority in Israel then they will pull off like what the Muslims did in Lebanon.

SJ said...

Here come Sham-O again aka Achmed. Sham-o lives in Islamabad. XD