Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Welcome to Obamanation

Liberals in the US are in ecstasy now that President Obama and his sidekick Joe Biden have endorsed homosexual marriage.  Long considered the primary goal to be accomplished by the left, they see these announcements, while lacking any meaning in a legal sense, as an important step forward in their campaign to change the definition of marriage for everyone.
What many of them don't realize is that they are being used by Obama and his 2012 campaign team and the outcomes won't be pretty.
Think about it.  So President Obama announces that he has no problem with homosexual marriage.  So what?  Despite what he might prefer, his presidential musings have no legal force.  He does not rule by fiat.  Heck, his sole ability to influence the law making process is through vetoing the hard work of Congress.  He accomplishes nothing practical by stating he thinks marriage can be about Adam and Steve in addition to Adam and Eve.
What's more, he shows disdain for a large portion of the American electorate that still quite passionately opposed the redefinition of marriage.  In multiple state referendums the proposal to legally change the definition of marriage has been defeated time and time again.  Do the outcomes of those referendums mean nothing or does Obama share the view of the typical leftists that democracy only counts when the correct side wins?
If Obama has endorsed homosexual marriage one can be sure that it's not because he cares about it.  The president has, through his actions during his political care, made it quite clear that he cares only about one thing: himself.  If he is making this statement it's because his pollsters and strategists have determined that to do so will increase his election strategy.
Yet on the face of it the move might seem to backfire.  Coming as it does on the heels of a North Carolina referendum rejected accepting gay marriage as legal one wonders if a portion of the electorate that might quietly have no problem with gay civil unions but still care about the definition of marriage will turn and reject him.
This will probably not happen though because Obama's opponent, the man named after winter handwear, will likely stumble into the trap the president has set for him.
Consider that the real issues in the upcoming election are the economy, the imminent bankruptcy of the United States and the need to deal with increasing hostility from the very countries around the world Obama has been sucking up to over the last three years. Legalizing homosexual marriage is a priority issue for only a very small part of the country and if that small part had any clue about the trouble America is in they'd also put it aside for a while.
But on all these issues Team Obama is a losing proposition.  Despite trillions in stimulus unemployment remains high, manufacturing hasn't recovered and the outsourcing trend has not reversed.  Obama cannot campaign on his ability to manufacture bipartisan cooperation in government.  He cannot trumpet his foreign policy which has reduced America's influence and prestige around the world.  He cannot talk about his health care plans which will never see the light of day. He did try the class warfare card a few months ago but that tactic burned out when the Occupy Wall Street protesters went home for the winter.
It would seem then that this is all he has left: declare his approval for gay marriage, wait for Romney or some redneck Republican official to oppose it and then start painting his opponents as hicks, savages and fools.  If the Republican campaign has any discipline then they will see this coming and take a page out of Bill Clinton's book, shouting "It's about the economy, stupid!"  I don't have high hopes they'll be this bright.
And if the tactic doesn't work, expect the next strategy to be "If you don't like Obama, you're a racist!"  After all, if one has nothing positive to campaign about, why not sling the mud?

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes, Obama's visceral hatred toward his country and its constitution and social norms leads him into statements and actions that hurt his election chances.

Other times he does weird stuff to distract voters from the mess he put us in.

Here, there may be elements of both.