Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Believers and Non-Believers

There is no question in my mind as to the rightness of what Israel is doing in 'Aza right now or as to the wickedness of those who claim that Israel is committing a crime or doing something wrong. One need only glances at pictures from demonstrations around the world to see the virulent hatred that our enemies now feel comfortable to unleash in our time of trouble. Whereas before such disdain was hidden under an ostensibly civilized veneer, now the velvet glove has come off and their true feelings have been unleashed. If these are our enemies, then I know we are in the right.
What's more interesting for me to notice is the reaction within the Jewish community. Generally, there has been a positive and supportive response from most segements of our people, both observant and non-observant. Like any big biosterous family, there is no end to
the number of internal squabbles we seems to have to endure but when an external threat shows itself, the impulse to "rally around the flag" cannot be ignored. A non-observant Jew that I otherwise have almost nothing in common with can stand shoulder to shoulder with me in support of our State and our brethren.
Even within the frum world, Jews who normally look at Israel and even other fellow observant Jews who are not Chareidi askance or with a patronizing attitude because of its non-halachic setup are doing their best to contribute to the achus that we need at this time.
But not everyone is joining the cause, as it were.
No, I'm not talking about those barely human slugs that love to run around pretending that they are "Orthodox Jews". I'm talking about the other ones. We all know who they are. They've "found God", or more specifically, have found that there is no God, chas v'shalom. They are the atheists, the fakers, and the losers. They state that they're enlightened, that they have found the truth and that we who still believe in God Allmighty who created the universe and gave us His Torah are the fools. And it seems they have one other thing in common: having ditched God, they've also ditched His people.
Yes, yes, they hide their loss of connection in high falutin' essays, stating the usual plaudits of moral relativism, that there is no high ground, that killing Arabs is not an acceptable way to protect Jews, that Israel is wrong no matter what, and all the other lies they've ingrained themselves with, courtery of the Arab world's extensive propaganda machine. So worried are they about their amoral principles that they cannot even see what is good and right in front of their faces. A real value judgement is beyond them because it involves making a moral choice and morals, after all the huffing and puffing of the non-believing crowd is dispensed with, requires real morality, not secular relativism.
It is most fascinating is that they can't rally to the flag, that they must stand alone because it makes them feel superior even as their brethren fight and die to protect us as a people. They've become so estranged that they can't overcome their hatred for what they were or what we continue to be. What a pathetic and lonely way to live.

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