Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Guest Post from Baruch Pelta

Not that long ago, Garnel offered me to write the occasional guest post for his blog. I have been extraordinarily busy, so time has gracefully not allowed me to brainstorm about the issues as much as I used to.

So I know what you're all obviously wondering; what does Pelta do when he's been working really hard and just needs to sit and relax for awhile? Sometimes good music just doesn't cut it.

What I've found is tremendously effective is watching skeptics and debunkers destroy (and make fun of) pseudoscientific claims, dubious conspiracy theories, and simple nuttery in online videos. I'm sure that sounds like an odd way to relax, especially for a religious fellow. So why have I developed this hobby? Well, they're usually just as entertaining as movies and they are free. And they remind those of us who care for emes not to take every iffy magic(k)al story we hear so seriously. Yes, I am aware that most (all?) of these outspoken skeptics I watch are atheists. Oh well.

Here's a list of videos that I made for the weekly viewing my friends and I have going. All of them save one are from ex-magician and skeptic extraordinaire James Randi, and that is simply due to my preference for his material (his organization is still offering over $1,000,000 to those who demonstrate paranormal abilities in scientific conditions; see their website for details). If you have a paranormal claim or conspiracy theory you wish to examine, remember that Google, Google Videos, and Youtube are your friends.

This post goes out to Rabbi Josh Waxman and Brooklyn Wolf; your posts for our community specifically is appreciated. -- James Randi debunks Israeli psychic Uri Geller. -- Randi debunks faith healer Peter Popoff in the 70's. -- Randi on Popoff in 2007 (scary, isn't it?) -- Are mediums legit? -- Can your personality be deduced by an expert who touches your personal possessions? -- Do modern astrological insights have bearing on the stock market? -- Can details about crimes be deduced from psychic information embedded in objects used? -- Can your personality be deduced from the way you write? -- Are mediums legit? (2) -- Does dowsing for metal work? -- Is facilitated communication legit? The video's at the bottom.


SJ said...

lol as far as i'm concerned orthodox judaism is no better than scientology in cultness and you guys are talkin about refuting pseudoscience rofl XD

David said...

Very interesting hobby for a believer, Baruch! Beware, for that way, madness lies...