Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Unsurprising Conclusions

Although Sri Lanka recently ended a bloody civil war between the Sinhalese majority and the Tamil minority, one in which reporters were excluded from the battlefield and rumoured civilian death tollls were astronomical, the United Nations has not seen fit to send a self-hating Sinhalese adjudicator to that nation to write a report on how the war was conducted.
Sudan allows the rape and destruction of Darfur to continue unimpeded. Yes, there has been some token handwringing but no UN commission.
Last time I heard, the Czechens and Georgians were being violently bullied by the Russians and the Tibetans were still being denied their right to self-determination by the Red Chinese. No UN commissions there either.
And Aung San Suu Kyi, once again under house arrest in Burma/Myanmar might be wondering why the UN seems uninterested in her efforts to free her people from an autocratic junta that completely mismanaged last year's flood relief efforts in a bumbled attempt to claim credit for all the food and equipment the world community donated.
But when it comes to 'Aza, liberals and anti-Semites around the world can rest easy. The UN has been to 'Aza, investigated the events of the recent "war" there and come to its conclusion: Israel is guilty of war crimes.
Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor.
Remember that at the UN, finding Israel guilty of something nasty isn't exactly a rare event. Most resolutions forwarded by the Human Rights Council, even the rare one that deals with another part of the world, seem to start with the words "Given that Israel is an apartheid state guilty of henious war crimes..." so the findings of this commission should be no suprise.
Nor is it a particular surprise to find that the chairman of the commission, Richard Goldstein, is a Jew. Self-hating Jews from both the left and right aren't that hard to find nowadays as Israel becomes more and more beleagured.
Remember how during the war most criticism of Israel began with the statement "Well, while Israel has the right to defend itself"? Turns out that Israel does have the right to defend itself, it just can't actually use any military force to do so.
It is quite easy to condemn the findings of this commission. No doubt most of the conclusions were agreed upon before any of the UN flunkies set foot in 'Aza, a hell hole of the Arabs' own making. I can only imagine the small talk on the fligh over. "Well Richard, we can't actually call the Israelis Nazis but lets assume they set up concentation camps and conducted efficient killing raids on civilians. Hey, that sounds great, I'll put it into the report!"
In truth, the report is a pack of lies with one apologetic part to it: Yeah, well okay maybe it was wrong of Hamas to shoot rockets into Israel. The Jew haters seem to want it both ways. On one hand the Arabs are intimidated by Israel's powerful military, the dominant one in the region, etc. On the other hand, they can't seem to explain why this mighty military, acting full out for a month, managed to only kill 1000 "civilians"? (Remember that even an armed Arab fighter is immediately demoted to civilian status on being killed) If Israel was as bloodthirsty and powerful as the Jew haters claim, why wasn't the death toll more like half a million? Why are any buildings still standing in 'Aza? Why was the death toll from Arab interfighting in the months following the 'Aza incursion higher than that from the incursion itself? These are all questions that won't be asked because the answers are too inconvenient.
In the end, this line from JTA summarizes the response Israel should concentrate on:
"The same U.N. that allows the president of a country to announce on a podium its aspiration to destroy the State of Israel has no right to teach us about morality," Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin said, referring to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
"This is a report born of bias," Abraham Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said in describing the report released Tuesday by the U.N. Human Rights Council. "What do you do with an initiative born of bigotry?"

Israel has to justify itself and its right to defend its citizens from barbarous attacks to the UN like a fish needs a bicycle. Perhaps it's time to remember that one part of the Zionist dream was to end the helplessness of Jews in the face of vile anti-Semitic lies by giving us the voice to shout back. Start shouting.


Off the Derech said...

You're a pack of lies.

Garnel Ironheart said...

You're repetitive, unimaginative, and very, very lonely.

But I forgive you.

Off the Derech said...

Speak for yourself.

But you're an asshole.

The Merciful Garnel Ironheart said...

You realize you're only embarrassing yourself, right?

Once again, please get a life of your own and stop trying to ride on my coat tails.

And I still forgive you.

Izgad said...

"Last time I heart, the Czechens and Georgians were being violently bullied by the Russians"


Bartley Kulp said...

Personally I do not think we should give the U.N. or the judge "Flintstone the dignity of a response.

The only response that I would consider would be assembling before the U.N. building in New York with signs that say "Kiss our Zionist tuchuses." After which everyone assembled would moon at building.

David said...

As a practical matter, I think it makes sense to treat resolutions, decisions, reports, etc. produced by the UN about Israel in much the same way that I treat the stuff produced by my one-year old in his diaper; give it a quick once-over to see if there's anything unusual, then wrap it up and throw it in the trash. If every time I peeked into his diaper, I convinced myself that I was going to find something wonderful, delicious and exciting, my life would just be too full of disappointment to handle. LIkewise stuff out of the UN. Pretty much everybody knows where they stand, so nobody who supports Israel or is even fair-minded on the topic is going to take this seriously.

Shalmo said...

By Israel Harel:

"As a result of the destructive, toxic report of the United Nation’s Goldstone Commission, from now on all of the haters of Israel will be celebrating anti-Semites. And the UN - the imposer of peace on the world - provided especially catchy, volatile, flammable fuel for them to throw on the fire.

Oppressive regimes and terrorist organizations are again finding that no international charges will ever be brought against them - never against them. Instead charges are being leveled against precisely that country which protects human and military ethics more than the world has ever seen. And of course enlightened countries and liberal organizations are seeking to deprive Israel of the right to defend its population by striking back at terror. The ideology shared by all of them, which holds that terror directed at Israel is legitimate, has now received the UN’s explicit stamp of approval.

And among the revelers - how can we fail to notice - there are also Israeli organizations. They started celebrating their victory yesterday, with the help of sympathetic interviewers, especially on Army Radio.

In Israel they arouse anger and opposition. But because they position themselves against their state and army, their influence spreads around the world.

And they have a reason to celebrate. Their accusations against the Israel Defense Forces have been adopted by an official UN commission, which has even recommended transferring its recommendations - an indictment against their country and army, to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. And what fun, being in the company of mass murderers from Serbia and genocidal killers from Sudan.

When it comes to Israel, the goal of non-governmental organizations and of UN organizations is one and the same: tying Israel’s hands and preventing the IDF from fighting terror. The effective and frightening way to do this is by holding a kangaroo trial against officials who ordered the military operation against terror and the officers who planned and carried it out.

For four years, Israel hesitated and didn’t deal with the nightmare of the Qassam rockets fired at the western Negev - among other reasons out of concern that its statesmen and military officers would be tried as war criminals.

Shalmo said...

And then the Goldstone Commission report comes along to confirm those fears. It says that whereas action against Hamas involves the death of civilians, and since killing civilians is a crime against humanity, Israel no longer has a military option to fight terror.

You see, in addition to pouring fuel on the fire of hate against Israel, the report also explicitly gives Hamas a green light to continue killing civilians in Israel.

This unfortunate turn of events, the establishment of the commission, could have been avoided in cooperation with the United States and other countries the UN is also trying to harass. As a result of contempt or inability, however, Israel didn’t move heaven and earth from the outset to deprive the commission of its legitimacy (by proving, among other things, that its composition, its goals and its operational methods were designed from the start to convict Israel).

The next step - advance damage control - was not taken either. The government lacked the energy and some of the operational staff was ambivalent.

This playing field for the dehumanization of Israel, which had already been heated up prior to the Goldstone report by various non-governmental organizations, remains exposed and neglected. Now that the most senior echelons are in their sights, maybe we will finally understand that it is necessary to conduct a worldwide offensive, efficiently and with maximum dedication to its goals, against those who would seek to destroy us by attacking the legitimacy of our existence.

In this offensive, it is not enough to be satisfied with apologetic public relations. The enemy pretends to be looking out for our morality. It has no inhibitions. It is set on the goal of undermining our status, as a prelude to undermining the existence of our country. Nothing less."