Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Lies Society Tells Us

There are certain "truths" that aren't true but, because they're repeated on such a regular basis they simply assume such a status.
For example:
1) All brides are beautiful
2) All babies are cute
3) There are alligators in the sewers
4) The cheque is in the mail
And most importanty:
5) Violence never solves anything.
In the wake of Rav Sliffkin`s recent posting on the ongoing Chareidi violence in Ramat Beit Shemesh, many different types of solutions have been called for.  Some advocate dialogue with the rowdies.  Others think that going to their `gedolim` and asking them to issue a cease-and-desist p`sak will fix things.  Finally, and this is my favourite, there are those who think a giant parade/protest will convince the barbarians in the streets of the unacceptable nature of these swarmings.  Good luck to all of those.  If any of you still think that these are potential solutions, I have a Middle East "peace process" you can help out with as well.
The problem with these thugs isn't that they are doing what they are - attacking those from a different religious community for daring to be from a different religious community - despite being Chareidi.  For these primitives, attacking Dati Leumi Zionists is a religious duty that defines them as Chareidim.  Ask them to stop?  Why not ask them to desercrate Shabbos and eat treif while you're at it?  You've just as much a chance to convince them there.
Rav Sliffkin is worried that these attacks will culminate in a Chareidi thug going too far one night and killing an unlucky teenager who is in the wrong place at the right time.  I don't agree.  One advantage the Dati Leumi have over the Chareidim is their army participation.  At some point, someone is going to be hurt and his/her older brother, the one on furlough with an M-16 is going to go solve the problem. 
Violence is the only thing these morons mascarading as frum Yidden understand.  Therefore violence, properly planned and controlled, is what they must be met with.  Yes, I know the cries that will come out: How can you advise violence?  How can you demand that people hurt their fellow Jews?  Since when has violence solved anything?
The Dati Leumi of RBS have two choices with how things are going.  One is to meet the enemy - and they are an enemy - head on with equal numbers and superior force.  Bullies don't respond to social workers, focus groups and getting help with their homework.  They respond to superior force.  Meet them, beat them back and make it clear that if they cross the line out of their self-imposed ghetto they will be shoved back into it again and again until they learn their lesson.
The other option is to capitulate and leave.  Give up the neighbhourhood, go where the thugs aren't, lose the lives that have been built up and try again elsewhere in the hope that the swarm will not follow.
Which should they choose?


Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Some days, this blog just makes my head hurt... these thoughts are too big to fit inside, or maybe just too sad.

Next week, maybe find someone who's doing it right and let's have a sunshiny post about the bright future for everybody in the middle! But I doubt you'll find that.

The middle is a middle and middles inevitably splinter. Luckily, Judaism and Torah are way stronger than any of us and our movements.

David said...

I think the easiest solution would be for the government of Israel to stop enabling these monsters. If they didn't get welfare, and were obliged to be educated according to the same standards applicable elsewhere, they'd probably have less time to think about who needs a beating.

OTD said...

Don't forget, David: They got freaking enormous political clout.

Rye said...

Hmm, you won't stop the charedim; they believe G-d is on their side...

Anonymous said...

Back in the 70's, I was talking to a white lady from the Bronx. I asked her about her neighborhood. It was (like she) Italian, and residents had forcefully managed to keep blockbusting and other racial scare tactics from driving them out. Most Jews in the Bronx, on the other hand, were persuaded or scared or forced to run. The difference in this case was that the Italians stood up for themselves. If threatened Jewish communities don't stand up for themselves as needed, no one else will step in to help.