Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Another Nutjob Hates Us

Not being a maven in the fast-moving ultra-chic world of international fashion, I'd never heard of John Galliano until today.  My personal tastes in fashion involve shopping at a relatively cheap men's clothing store and searching until I can find a suit that (sort of) fits for under $150.  I'm generally happy if my socks match.  Feathered boas, sheeer clothing that looks like it was made of firm toilet paper and anorexic cat walking waifs aren't really part of my social circle.
And then the world of fashion showed up in the headlines.  John Galliano, a gentleman whom, from the pictures I've seen, would be more at home in a freakshow than anywhere else, has announced his Jew-hatred to the world.  So shocking were his statements that Natalie Portman, Queen Amidala herself, was forced to speak out against him, helping seal his fate (he was fired by his company).
It's been a rough week for this, though.  Charlie Sheen, best known for his role of playing a drug-addled, whore-addicted loser in his real life, was also recently canned by his employers for making Jew-hating comments.  His hit show which earned him $1.8 million an episode also got cancelled as a result.
In a way, I feel sorry for these guys.  Both Sheen and Galliano seemed to have missed the essential rule that Jew-haters operate with.  Nowadays it is simply unacceptable for non-Jewish celebrities to openly express their hatred of Jews.  The reason isn't because religious Jews get upset about such statements.  For a Torah-observant Jew, the revelation that a Hollywood actor or metrosexual designer hates us should elicit a shrugging of the shoulders and a "So nu?  Eisav hates Yaakov.  What do you expect?"  No, the reason seems to be that liberal, nearly-completed assimilated Jews get greatly offended by such statements.  Having spent their lifetimes trying to fit into the dominant culture and leave the shtetl behind, they resent any reminders that no matter how much bacon they eat for breakfast they are still "dirty Jews" in the eyes of many around us.  Therefore any open expressions of how "they" really feel about "us" are forbidden.
After all, every good Jew hater knows that if you want to express yourself, you don't cry "Death to the Jews".  You cry "Death to Israel".  You don't shout "I hate Heeb's!"  You shout "I hate Zionists!"  The latter expressions, far from being forbidden, are considered acceptable social discourse by many of the same people, liberal assimilated Jews included, who  would otherwise bristle at the former ones.  It's just a shame for Galliano and Sheen that they weren't made aware of this.  Otherwise, instead of being fired, they'd be the bon enfants of the anti-Israel Jew hating circuit and would get good money to appear and say pretty much the same things they did.  Funny how that works.

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Dan Gambiera said...

He's a spoiled, narcissistic, precious twunt with an exaggerated sense of his own importance. A gay man, I might add, who doesn't seem to understand what being openly gay meant under his idol's rule.

If he hadn't self-destructed with anti-Semitic remarks he would have found another way.