Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Don't Change The Subject!

As I noted a few days ago, it must be frustrating for Jew haters, both Jewish and gentile, these days.  Despite 24 hours attempts to villify Israel and, by extension, any Jew that does hate his heritage and homeland, world events seem to conspire to keep them off the front page.  In their mind, there is only one story: Israel is slaughtering the so-called Palestinians and stealing their land.  Darfur?  Don't want to talk about it.  Tibet?  Where's that?  Japan?   Don't want to talk about it.  Don't you understand, they shreik.  Only attacking Israel matters!
As a result, as hundreds of thousands still languish homeless and on the verge of starvation in southern Sudan, as the Japanese face the very real prospect of an unprecedented radioactive disaster on top of thousands dead and tens of thousands of lives ruined, on top of North Korea's ongoing provocation of South Korea and all the outrages being perpetrated throughout south Asia and the Middle East, this lobby always wants to bring the focus back to Israel, and only Israel.
How else to explain that, as the world struggles to cope with the disaster in Japan, the UN is obsessed with showing an anti-Israel film that would have made the Nazis proud?

Such was the case Monday night when the U.N. played host to the U.S. premiere of director Julian Schnabel's new film "Miral," which follows a Palestinian girl's relationship with terrorism and Israel after the 1948 war for Israeli independence. The screening was met with protests from Israel's delegation to the U.N. as well as prominent U.S.-based Jewish groups including the American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League, which were outraged that the world body would open its doors to a film that even its Jewish American distributor, Harvey Weinstein, describes as "pro-Palestinian."
In a letter to the world body, AJC Executive Director David Harris said showing the film in the U.N. General Assembly hall would "only serve to reinforce the already widespread view that Israel simply cannot expect fair treatment in the U.N." In particular, Jewish groups have objected to the film's portrayal of the Israeli army and what they say is a lack of context for some of the soldiers' more extreme actions.

Get it?  Even as dozens if not hundreds of crises demand its attention, even as Jews are being massacred in their homes by the enemy, the UN has one interest from which it will not be distracted.  One wonders what would happen if a member of the rebel army in Libya somehow made it to the UN's headquarters and demanded to address the General Assembly?  "Well unless you're going to blame Israel," he'd be told, "we don't have a interest in hearing what you have to say."
This, of course, is nothing now.  Other than liberals who have their heads in the sand there is no doubting that the social taboo that public Jew hatred acquired in the wake of the Holocaust has disappeared.  Not that the world ever stopped hating us but now it's fashionable to say it publicly again, as Caroline Glick notes.

Netanyahu directed most of his words to the hostile world. He spoke to the leaders who rush to condemn Israel at the UN Security Council every time we assert our right to this land by permitting Jews to build homes. He demanded that they condemn the murder of Jewish children with the same enthusiasm and speed.
He shouldn't have bothered.
The government released the photos on Saturday night. Within hours, the social activism website My Israel posted a short video of the photographs on YouTube along with the names and ages of the victims. Within two hours YouTube removed the video. What was Netanyahu thinking? Didn't he get the memo that photos of murdered Jewish children are unacceptable? If they're published, someone might start thinking about the nature of Palestinian society.

After all, the real outrage about Itamar is Israel announcing plans to expand "settlements" in Yehuda and Shomron.  How dare Israel date build homes for its people on land it controls?  Why, that would give it the same rights as every other country in the world and we can't have that!
We must be strong as a people in defending out land and our heritage from those who would try to steal the former and defame the later.

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