Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Coming Storm

Liberal Jews in the west (and a good number of conservative ones too) like to believe that anti-Israel sentiment and Jew-hatred are separate things, that the anti-Israel protester who rabidly calls for the desetruction of our State with saliva spraying from his mouth would not hate them personally as Jews as long as they didn't say something malicious like "I believe Israel has a right to exist" or some other hate-filled line.
There is, of course, good reason for this.  The same psychological backlash from World War 2 that killed nationalism in Europe also made public Jew-hating statements unfashionable.  No one with their head screwed on straight ever believed that the world hated the Jewish nation any less after the details of the Holocaust came out but for several decades it was decidedly impolite to state it openly. 
This situation was a change from what had been common practice in the Western world up until the war.  For people raised in the last two generations who think that the world the way it is now is how it always was, this is the norm.  For those of us who know history, this is a vacation from business as usual. 
And the vacation is coming to an end.
One might point to the UN vote supporting the partitioning of Israel into Jewish and Arabs states in 1947 as evidence of the world's new-found love for Jews.  For those who have watched the UN in action ever since that vote seems less like a gift and more like an attempt to allow the Arabs their own chance to perpetrate a Holocaust, seeing as how they mostly missed out on the European one.  Indeed, the State of Israel's greatest crime in the eyes of the world is its victory in 1949 over the enemy when it was supposed to be wiped out, simultaneously assauging the guilt of the Western world (well we tried to give them a country) and satisfying their darkest dreams (we're finally rid of them!).
Since that time the world has not stopped working towards the end of Israel.  Whether it was openly supporting our enemies (the Russians and their allies) or quietly helping to build the anti-Israel narrative (Western Europe by accepting the Arab lies about Israel) there has been an ongoing attempt by the international community to delegitimize Israel.
In 1993 this effort, along with Shimon Peres' incredible naivete and lust for a Nobel peace prize, resulted in the Oslo Accords.  Israelis saw it as a chance for true and lasting peace but the rest of the world saw it for what it really was: Israel's first admission that it was the criminal in the ongoing conflict and that it was have to make all the sacrifices from then on.
Look at Israel's opening positions back then versus those of the Arabs.  Now look at the positions today.  Israel has moved miles in order to accomodate the Arab demands alongside the request for appeasement by the West.  The Arab demand, however, have not changed one iota - one iota! - since opening day and can be simply summarized as "Please commit national suicide and we'll sign the deal."
Now it would seem we are rapidly approaching the endgame.  This week terrorist Mahmood Abbas, a man with a PhD in Holocaust denial, will stand before the world community and demand that his so-called people be given a state.  Is there any doubt that the General Assembly that once voted that Zionism was racism will easily approve this move?  Is there any doubt that they will clap loudly for him once he is done his speech?  Even if the Security Council rejects the GA's recommendation, either through a vote or veto the damage will be irreversable.  The international community will recognize the existence of a new state of Palestine regardless of whether the UN rules say it should or shouldn't.  What are rules when there is history to be made and Jews to be killed?
And for the record here is the state they will be endorsing:
1) Its first president is a Holocaust denier.
2) Jews will be forbidden by law from living in Palestine.  Not Israelis.  Jews.
3) So will homosexuals, by the way.
4) It will also deny citizenship to those Arabs currently living in UN refugee camps.  Yes, they will deny citizenship to their own people and continue to demand their return to pre-1967 Israel.
Imagine that.  The governments of the so-called civilized world, governments that view Jew-hatred and homophobia with disgust and disapproval, that opine about justice and rights, will gather together to help create a state where the antitheses of these values are official policy.  They will smile, speak about how they have done and great thing and then avert their eyes when things get nasty.
They are not interested in the life of the average Arab in Israel, including Yehuda and Shomron, just as the government of the so-called Palestinian authority is not interested.  They couldn't care less about the well-being of the average Arab, his right to live a life of dignity or his freedom of expression.
This is the message that we must get across: A vote for Palestine is a vote in favour of Jew hatred.  Pure and simple.  If Bolivia or Germany vote in favour of Palestine they are saying "We so hate Israel we are prepared to facilitate the creation of a terrorist state whose values we abhor just to push the end of that State closer to reality".  We must say it clearly and without shame so that those people who still live in the illusion that being anti-Israel and being a Jew-hater are separate things are permanently disillusioned.


JRKmommy said...

Point #4 is astonishing, and I went and read the article in Lebanon's Daily Star.

The average non-Jew and non-Arab doesn't know much about the conflict, and tends to see all things that look like land-for-peace or 2-state solutions the same way.

They need to be shown point #4 and have it pointed out that it shows that the PA is looking to turn the clock back to 1947, not 1967.

SJ said...

>> Liberal Jews in the west (and a good number of conservative ones too) like to believe that anti-Israel sentiment and Jew-hatred are separate things,

I was never under any such impression even though people who aren't Islamic could probably be spoken to, to an extent or another.


OOOOOOOh um I'm not anti Italian, I just don't think Italy should be a state.

I'm not anti British I just don't think England should be a state.

I'm not anti China I just don't think China should be a state.

This kind of reasoning just don't add up.

In retrospect it was probably a long term strategic error for the jews to create a special word for jewish nationalism - zionism because it gave the anti semites the opening to try to say they don't hate jews just zionists.

Oh well. Impossible to foresee everything.

Should have just called it regular jewish nationalism then it would be easier to pin Israel's detractors (truthfully) as attempting to say that they like the non-nationalistic jews and they hate the nationalistic jews.