Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Right Way To Apologize

Despite serving as the launching pad for a group of terrorists disguised as do-gooders during last year's attempt to break the legal Israeli blockade of 'Aza, Turkey continues to preen its Islamic pride and demand an apology from Israel for daring to defend itself from folks determined to cause it harm.  The most recent provocation from the country named after a tasty bird is the recall of its ambassador and the official downgrading of relations with Israel in both the military and political spheres.  The idea that Israel must apologize for protecting itself has become an obsession with the Turkish government.  Even the boycott-breakers have moved on after the failure of a second flotilla to even leave port in an organized fashion but the Turks continue to pound away at Israel, especially after the Palmer report which allocated blame in the incident, was published.
And one wonders why the Turks care so much.  After all, the Palmer report should have been a clue to the them to back off.  After all, if a UN report actually manages to not blame Israel 100% for some international incident that should be a clear signal that Israel was actually in the right.  Yet the insistent demand for an apology keeps coming.
Therefore it would seem to me that Israel does indeed need to provide an apology to Turkey.  The most appropriate site for such a ceremony would be somewhere in the part of Cyprus illegally occupied by those same Turks.  In addition to a senior Israeli minister, like the one for sport or the environment, showing up, there should be a representative of the Israeli Armenian community.  You remember the Armenians, right?  The people that the Turks took to massacring a little over one hundred years ago and still have not shown any regret?
The Israeli representative should, with a great smile, indicate his intention to fully apologize for his country's insistence on defending itself from attack but say this in the interest of historical continuity the Turks should first apologize to the Armenians for trying to wipe them out.  After all, that did happen before the Marmalade debacle last year.
After all, if the Turks are big on apologizing, should they start by cleaning their own house instead?


Bob Miller said...

Garnel, were you expecting some morality or consistency from the Turks, former colonial overlords of Eretz Yisrael? Life under their rule, except in the early stages when they needed us against Spain, was typically an exercise in our degradation.

Note also that it was a secular Turkish government that decimated the Armenians. More on ethnical cleansing by the Turks:

Adam Zur said...

We should we grateful to the Turks for kicking out the Greek scholars and made their way up to Florence and stated (helped to start) the Renaissance.

JRKmommy said...

Perhaps the apology should be:

"We, the government of Israel, apologize to the Armenian people for failing for so long to acknowledge their genocide, since we were too preoccupied with trying to score political points with Turkey."