Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Pathetic and Hypocritical

Sometimes Israel's enemies are sauve and convincing even as they lie through their teeth.  And sometimes the hatred they spew is so obvious that even as they stand on their home made thrones of self-righteousness, everyone around them can tell that they are full of male bovine excrement.  Case in point:
I find it appropriate that the Israeli public be notified of the emerging movement for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel (BDS), which has been growing at a breathtaking pace.

Following bewildered reports published by Yedioth Ahronoth journalist Sever Plocker, who noticed that BDS has moved from the circles of the radical western Left to the circles of the bourgeois centre, I can add that this is now true for Israel-loving Jews as well.
Obviously, this shift is taking place against the backdrop of Israel’s war on Gaza, waged one year ago, the publication of the Goldstone Report, and the local strain of apartheid policy nurtured by Israel, which differs from the old South African one in some aspects.
How many stupid statements can you spot?  Growing at a breathtaking pace?  So far not one civilized democratic government has signed on to such a thing.  Most academic groups that have tend to reveal their true feelings with slogans like "Israel=Nazis" and other such Jew-hating rubbish.  In fact, the BDS movement remains the pet child of the Jew-hating left.  As for bourgeois centre, does this moron not know that in Marx' theory there is no centre, only the proletariat on one side and the bourgeois on the other.  Marx didn't understand what middle class was.
Then there's the old canard about Israeli apartheid.  Ah, but Udi Aloni now has to qualify that statement.  It differs "in some aspects".  What would those aspects be?  Arab citizens of Israel can vote, serve in the government find employment in every sector of the economy and travel on an Israeli passport.  It's true that they can't serve in the army but with many secular Israelis trying to duck out of service (why is it that only the Chareidim get castigated but not the Ramat Aviv'niks?) who says they're not ahead of the curve? 
All these civil rights are bestowed on them despite their insistence that they are not Israeli but rather so-called Palestinians whose first allegiance is to two terrorist organizations, Fatah and Hamas. 
Is he perhaps referring to Arabs in Yehuda and Shomron?  That's possible but they're not Israeli citizens despite having had the offer open to them since 1967.  No country elsewhere gives full civil rights to non-citizens, especially not hostile ones.  Why must Israel be the exception to that rule?
His final part is the easiest to refute, of course:
The three very basic principles of BDS are:

An immediate end of the occupation
Full equality to all Palestinian citizens of the state of Israel
Legal and moral Recognition of the Palestinian refugees’ right of return
An end to the occupation?  Is he serious?  After the 'Aza experience, what prime minister of Israel would give more territories to murderers and terrorists?  Does he really expect Israel  to uproot half a million lives from land that it legally took in war?
Full equality to all Palestinians citizens?  Arabs in Israel already have that.  Is he calling for the extension of those rights to non-citizens?
Recognition of the so-called right of return?  This is where the author's true agenda comes in.  He is not interested in justice.  He is not interested in a peaceful end to the Jewish-Arab conflict.  He is interested in an end to the state of Israel as a Jewish state, or anything else, obviously preferring a Muslim Palestine from sea to river in place of it.  Perhaps it's his high society post-Zionist guilt, perhaps he's just another self-hating Jew (bad term: I'm sure he loves himself a great deal).  Whatever it is, his ignorance and filth is best shouted down before others are tricked into thinking he has a point.


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