Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Navonim - The Ramblings of Garnel Ironheart

Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Boredom of Blogging

Why has this blog not been so busy of late?  There are a few reasons:
1) I'm busy at work.  About the only time I have to spend on the blogosphere comes during brief breaks between patients which is conducive to visiting other blogs and leave comments but not to putting up a famously deep and intellectual post.
2) I'm tired at the end of the day.  By the time the last patient has gone home and I've cleared my desk, all I want to do is hit the road and head home.  The idea of spending hours searching the Internet to write something about is not appealing at that point.
3) I need the time to learn.  I work all day so the only chances I get to sit and engage in limud Torah is either first thing in the morning before the first patient rolls through the door or in the evening when I get home.  Blogging is not a priority over that.
4) Frankly it's starting to get boring.  There are some good sites that I enjoy visiting for divrei Torah and others for fun tidbits of news but on average, most things are repetitive.  The Chareidim provide the same type of news over and over again.  How many times can one post something along the lines of "chareidim run wild!"?  As for the other side, the arrogance and general stupidity of the atheoskeptopraxists long ago ceased to be infuriating and is now merely nauseating and not worth paying much attention to.
What I would like is to share more divrei Torah but time is at a premium right now.  The learning takes so long there isn't much left for dispensing although I hope to find time for that eventually.
5) I'm frustrated that I don't get more comments.  I do my best to support other blogs and there's at least half a dozen out there where I'm either first comment on their posts or the only one that seems to be interested in interacting and leaving thoughts on the post.  This service does not seem to be reciprocated and I'll grudgingly admit I find it annoying.
6) I have a life.  I don't spend my day desperately trying to connect to the rest of the world via my video screen.  I actually go out and talk to people - gasp! - face to face.  Lots of blogs would probably post a lot less if they had to do that.  Try it, it's fun sometimes.


Nosson Gestetner said...

Wow - if I wrote personal stuff on my blog, I'd swear I'd have written this!

Appreciate the link love, thank you - I have to return the compliment, and truthfully.

I have been perusing your archives extensively, and I appreciate your take on things greatly, yours is a voice seldom heard among the JBloggers - you're right, it is tedious to read what's wrong with people who live Torah lives.

Every time I go through my feedreader, I always look if yours has risen to the top with a new item!

Jennifer in MamaLand said...

It's so super-easy to just pick up the latest blogs off your feed, scroll through and shut it down. Mea culpa. Also, sometimes, I just don't feel smart enough to comment.

Maybe there's also a bit of preaching to the choir here: your readers all agree with you and each other, so there's not much more to add. Put in a "LIKE" button and that would take care of many readers' reactions.

You could...
- Try spicing things up by introducing some controversy!
- Or cross over a little with some scintillating real-world juicy medical ethical dilemmas!
-Risk alienating loyal readers but perhaps attracting new ones with an occasional totally unrelated post.

(cf my blog - I'm the reigning nonsequitur queen of the blog world!)

E-Man said...

Sorry, I don;t have much to comment about. I usually agree with you. Also, personally, I like the idea of a blog because it allows me to order Divrei Torah so that I can recall them to give shiurim and look them over from time to time. That is why I mainly focus on Divrei Torah instead of the Narishkite of current events. If you are learning something interesting or unique I would suggest that you share that with the world.

Rye said...

So, tell us about what you are learning?

Eliyahu said...


Please keep blogging even if only from time to time - what you say is important to give chizuk to others such as myself who agree with much of what you write and appreciate being able to have you better articulate our own beliefs and values.

Yashar Koach!

Shilton HaSechel said...

>atheoskeptopraxists long ago ceased to be infuriating and is now merely nauseating and not worth paying much attention to.

Hrmmph! I'm totally worth paying attention to ;)

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Thank you everyone for the show of support. And to respond:

Nosson you've got a great site I love looking at before Shabbos. Kol hakavod.

Jennifer, you're far more intelligent that you give yourself credit for. Don't be shy.

E-man, your blog is another great example of a great Jewish resource.

Eliyahu, welcome and thanks for the comment.

Shilton, here's the deal. Lots of blogs start off like your does but you have to be careful because the vast majority, within a few months, degenerate into just another Torah-bashing blog. Skepticism has a role and we should be allowed to ask questions but some people then decide there are no answers and say so. XGH went this route, NotJewishPhilosopher and bunch of others followed so be careful.

Shilton HaSechel said...

>but some people then decide there are no answers and say so

lol I say that all the time so thanks for the belated warning. (I do play around with answers once in a while so maybe I'm not on the madrega of XGH)

Baruch said...

I still read!

I've been focused on school stuff, so sorry for not commenting, but this semester was particularly rough because I was trying to get a project done and for some reason was really ADD. But now I'm pumped for the next semester! (I finished finals Wednesday and start summer school Monday)

I stopped blogging when I felt like I wasn't really contributing to the dialogue anymore, that I was just getting into the same old arguments over and over again with people more tenacious than I, and that I'd gotten out of it what I needed.

My two cents: I figure blogging's good when you want to get your thoughts out, bad when it becomes a burden. I find that if I'm bored by the blogcycle, it's time for me to read more books and think about something else.

As for commenting, I'm an addict :p

David said...
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David said...

"I'm frustrated that I don't get more comments."

I can tell-- your frustration usually peaks at the point where you toss out some asinine insult at the "nauseating" folks you call "atheoskeptopraxists" (i.e., people who do not see the obvious truth of your particular set of opinions). This usually earns you a bit of a bitch-slapping from one of us (the nauseating folks), which, for one reason or another, seems to placate you (or so I thought). I guess we haven't done our share-- I had no idea (silly me) the extent to which this whole thing was an exercise in narcissism for you!